This holiday home is part of an old farmhouse. located in the Gelderland. at Achterhoek in the area of Kotten (Winterswijk district. not far from the German border). The house is fitted out in a homely and comfortable style. and is located in a rural setting at a vineyard. surrounded by woods and a park-like garden. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet of pure nature. while in the morning you can find yourself among many different species of birds and deer. the permanent residents of this area.The 1.2 ha vineyard is in an idyllic setting among banks lined with copses and lovely ponds with water-lillies.The timeless undulating scenery with its countless woods and forests invites you on enjoyable rambling or cycling excursions. The many nearby country estates. which are freely accessible. are well worth a visit. The lively and congenial centre of Winterswijk. with its restaurants and terraces. is about 8km away.

Sikkinkweg 2